Final Preparations for Lapland

We have done our training as planned with 3 days of walking and 1 rest day, it all worked out well even Susanne had to take 3 days off because of a bad knee.

Yesterday we did a test hike (the picture above if from there), that hike is to check the equipment is in good condition and the backpacks are packed balanced. We took a lunch break to test that the super fast water boiler was working and that we knew where we had put our stuff in the backpack. The water boiler was working but our brains were messed up and we forgot were important things were, like the seat cover (not a good thing when it is pouring down), also Susanne learned that is a very bad idea to have the rain coat zipped and buttoned – she got soaking wet in no time.

Today we unpacked the back packs and the packed them again, so hopefully we will remember were we have our things like matches and the water boiler together not to mention the sleeping bag and ditto pad together.

We are both ready to take off tomorrow, 2 trains, 2 busses, 1 flight to Lapland/Ivalo and finally a bus to Kiilopää Fell Center, where the hiking starts at the edge of the wildnerness.

There will be no reception in the wildnerness and according to our plan you will hear from us again the 16th of June.

We are doing this hike to sponsor Children with Cancer , please consider to give a donation, thank you.


Training Progress the 20th of May

We both walked 3 and a half hours, one in Finland and one in rainy Portugal.

2 weeks until the hike starts in Lapland, it is the 3rd of June we fly to Lapland and begin our hike. The snow melts fast and the temperatures are fairly high, which means the mosquitoes might be out of their eggs soon, start to swim in the lakes – and that means mosquitoes bites!!!